Industrial AC Repair Installation Fort Lauderdale

Industrial AC Repair & Installation

Finding the best company to install, provide maintenance or repair your AC Unit can be costly and time consuming.  Your search starts and stops with AC Repair from Ft. Lauderdale.  Our goal is to save you both time and money.  Our trained technicians carry a complete inventory of industrial refrigeration parts and diagnostic equipment on their vans, enabling them to make repairs quickly and efficiently allowing us to help minimize equipment down time.

AC Repair From Ft. Lauderdale technicians are highly trained and experienced. We believe in providing our customers with the best service possible including fair and competitive pricing, top quality durable energy saving equipment, expertly trained honest and courteous employees, 24-hour emergency service, high standards of excellence, superior customer satisfaction, fast response time, fully stocked trucks, and repairs that are done right the first time.

 Wherever you live in Ft. Lauderdale, it doesn’t matter.  Call us any time day or night and we are there.  Your problem becomes our problem and we solve it to your satisfaction.  A fully functional Industrial AC System is mandatory to the success of your business.  It can affect the productivity of your employees.  No one wants to work in an uncomfortable environment.   Customers will take their business elsewhere instead of suffering through the heat in your business.

You don’t have to worry about any of that with AC Repair From Ft. Lauderdale.  We solve all of your problems so you can focus on your business.  We are only a phone call away.  Remember your problem becomes our problem and we solve it with customer satisfaction.

Some of the AC services we offer are the following:

  1. Industrial AC Repairs- if you should ever have any issues or breakdown to your Industrial AC unit in Ft. Lauderdale, call us our quick response team and we are on the way.  Your down time is immediately minimized.
  2. Industrial AC Installation- Before you purchase a new unit call us for guidance on getting the best for your money and cooling needs.  After you purchase a new unit, call us and we will install your new unit. Ask us our Financing plans.
  3. Industrial AC Energy efficiency enhancement- Old units don’t work as well as time goes by.  Your electric bill may be higher than it should be.  A quick maintenance visit can do an upgrade, calibration, or repair so that it runs at its most efficient level. Save on you energy bill!!
  4. Data room cooling- We know how important it is to not only keep people cool but machinery cool as well.  Out technicians have the experience and know how to maintain your equipment at an optimal cool level. This may require a special unit.  We will give you the best advice to set up a Industrial AC unit that has computer room specific control and settings, so you never have to worry about your company mainframe and IT center going down.
  5. 24 hour service!!– AC Repair from Ft. Lauderdale is always available to answer your phone call but more importantly to go do a service call. You don’t have to worry and leaving a message and no one calling you back.  Anywhere in Ft. Lauderdale where your Industrial Property located is where we go. Your


Warranty on our work!!!
We are Certified Trained Technicians available for your service.  AC Repair From Ft. Lauderdale always offer a warranty on our labor for 90 days and on our parts for 1 year. Relax.  When you call AC Repair From Ft. Lauderdale, you are calling the specialists.