About Us

About Us

Ft. Lauderdale’s Best AC Repair and Installation are professionals with decades of experience repairing Residential, Commercial, or Industrial Air conditioners and Refrigerators.  No job is too small or too large. We have the solutions to cool your location and have your refrigerator operating smoothly. Let us assess the situation.  Our quality services have proven results for customer satisfaction.

We’ve seen it all and learned from decades of experience fixing old, new and everything kind of air conditioner in between. Ft. Lauderdale’s Best AC Repair and Installation Company are your “go to” repair company for any project whether residential, commercial, or industrial. Your problem becomes our problem and we have the solutions to deliver the best possible outcome.   Let us breathe new life into your commercial, industrial, or residential property.

Ft. Lauderdale’s Best AC Repair and Installation Company understands you have choices and want you make the best choice for your situation.  You won’t find a better company than us.  You won’t find a company more dedicated to serving your needs, more committed to solving your problem in the most cost efficient manner or more reliable.  We are timely, professional and get along great with pets.  That’s right we get along great with Coco the Yorkie and Brandy the Lab.

Our customers say it best.

“I was skeptical at first about calling Ft. Lauderdale’s Best AC Repair and Installation.  AC Repair is not my specialty.  But I took a risk and called them.  It was the best risk, the best decision I could have made,” wrote David Simpson.

“It was 85 degrees in the house when they arrived and a cool 68 degrees when all was said and done.  The technician was personable, knew his stuff and allowed me to watch.  He wasn’t scared of the Jasper our pug and made the service visit a pleasant experience.  Take it from me, make one call to Ft. Lauderdale’s Best AC Repair and Installation Company and that’s all you need to do.”

Call today and join our growing list of satisfied customers.